This Week In Our Kitchen: week of November 20th

I am excited about this week. I just love Thanksgiving! I hope you guys have a super blessed Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for so many things I couldn’t list them all, but I can say I am very thankful for my family, and little Baby C due in March.

The hit of the dinner menu last week was Kitchen and Kids Meatloaf, Roasted Parmesan Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts. (I promise I will post the recipes for these things shortly, so check back.)

Here is what we will be eating at our house this week.

Sunday: Oven Fried Chicken, PW Mashed Potatoes and Creamed Corn

Monday: Taco Soup

Tuesday: Loaded Baked Potato Soup and Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Wednesday: Texas Two Step Pork Chops, Dill Potato Salad and Chipotle Corn on the Cob (I will be adding the Texas Two Step Pork Chops to my blog later this week.)

Thursday: A Thanksgiving Feast: Fried Turkey, Smoked Turkey, Smoked Brisket, Smoked Ribs, PW Mashed Potatoes, PW Dressing, Pecan Sweet Potato Bake, Spiced Cranberry Sauce, Broccoli Rice Casserole, Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Brown Butter Sauce, Yeast Rolls and various pies. (As you can see we love to cook and to eat. I may not have to cook for a week.)

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Crock Pot Baked Potatoes stuffed with Barbecued Brisket

As recipes are posted on Kitchen and Kids, I will link them up to my menu plans, so if something interests you check back and see if I’ve posted a recipe.

I would also love your recipes for using leftover turkey, please share!

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2 Responses to This Week In Our Kitchen: week of November 20th

  1. mamaT says:

    have you made that baked potato soup before? i have used a recipe that I LOVE… but the family all thinks it’s a bit too thick. (really, you have to chew it up.) so if so, let me know if you love it or not. i love baked potatoes, especially loaded!!!

  2. I haven’t made this recipe yet, but I will let you know how it goes. One of my friends was looking for a recipe today so I did the research and came up with this one. If it is like anything else I do, I will tweak it to add my little touches to it. And, I am a super baked potato lover, so I have high hopes of this one.

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