This Week In Our Kitchen: Week of September 25th

I am  not entirely sure what I want to eat next week, but what I do have planned sounds pretty good. It is just so difficult to plan good meals when we have football practice 4 nights a week. My son hates for us to eat without him, so the challenge is to have dinner ready at lunch time and with home schooling that is near impossible. I am still in school mode at that time, and I am not even considering cooking.

Last week we had so many great dishes it was hard for my husband to give me his favorite, but if I had to take a guess it was the Pepsi BBQ Chicken, Dill Potato Salad and garden salad. However, the Cajun Chicken Pasta, and the Greek Chicken were also hits. I love it when the dinners are winners, because it is guaranteed they will eat the leftovers.

If you would like some great budget friendly recipes, check out my article at Destiny In Bloom, which is an on-line women’s magazine. I hope you take a moment to go out and read my article, as well as the other wonderful articles published there.

Here is what we will be eating at our house this week.

Sunday: Chicken Fried Steak, creamy mashed potatoes, and some kind of veggie.

Monday: Phylo Chicken Pot Pie 

Tuesday: Texas Two Step Pork Chops, Baked Beans and Grilled Corn

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken over Angel Hair Pasta with Parma Rosa Sauce, Cheesy Crescent Rolls, and a garden salad with homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette

Thursday: Beer Marinated Chicken Tacos, Black Beans and Guacamole

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Fish and Chips

As recipes are posted on Kitchen and Kids, I will link them up to my menu plans, so if something interests you check back and see if I’ve posted a recipe.

Feel free to leave your ideas, too. Happy Cooking!

You can find other wonderful ideas at the links below.


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7 Responses to This Week In Our Kitchen: Week of September 25th

  1. Jerry says:

    Amy, perhaps the challenge to you is to plan your menu with the football constraints built it. Many parents work outside the home and have childrens activities. For example, you roast a chicken on Sunday and have a recipie for chicken Mon. Just a thought.

    • I know that is a good idea, but I never seem to get it to work out. I know crock pot recipes are great for busy moms, too. One week I baked a ham on Sunday thinking that I would have plenty of leftovers for a couple of more meals, well … I had to go get ham pieces because I had no leftovers. That is the life with growing boys.

  2. mamaT says:

    i found you through you meals sounded DEEEEE-licious, so i came over here for recipes. i’m looking forward to: Texas Two Step Pork Chops (because i’m always looking for new yummy ways to make pork chops and what better than just 2 steps!?) and Parma Rosa Sauce -if you have a recipe for that!
    looks like a busy life from this post… enjoy! I’LL BE BACK!!!! 😉

    • Thank you for stopping by. I should be posting the Parma Rosa sauce this week if everything goes well. And, I will put the pork chops up this month some time. Last week was my first time to make the pork chops and since they were a hit I will blog about them.

  3. mamaT says:

    oh and on that other site you commented “black bean and corn salad”… THAT’S the one that got me over here. but then it wasn’t on this menu so i forgot. if you have a recipe for that one… PLEASE let me know. i <3 black beans and corn together!!!!!

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