Kids Say The Darndest Thing …

After an internal debate with myself I have decided to add things that are not necessarily kitchen related. It seems as of late I try a new recipe out, eat it, enjoy it and then think “Wow, I should have blogged about it!”, so you guys are missing out on some great posts. I will get better about that. I attribute it to pregnancy. The first trimester is a bit taxing, but now that we are past that I have no excuses. However, there is more to my life than cooking. I have two wonderful children, a great husband, a crazy old dog, a hyper young dog, and a super affectionate cat, so surely I have more to write about.

And I do ….

How many of you know a backseat driver?

I do, and this particular backseat driver is the least annoying one I know, especially since she is so darn cute and doesn’t know the slightest thing about driving.

At 2 1/2-years-old, she is finding her voice. Everyday she says new things, strings together new sentences and sometimes just has me cracking up.

With all of her brother’s activities we are ALWAYS in the car – his home school co-op, there and back; football practices, there and back; footballs games, church, grocery store, etc… You get my drift lots of car time, and for co-op and football it seems we find ourselves in traffic and hitting red light between here and there, so …from the backseat, over the sound of Wiggles on DVD, I hear –

“Dive, Mommy, Dive!” The only thing is, Mommy can’t drive! There are cars stopped in front of me. “Honey, I can’t drive. See the cars aren’t moving,” I reply. Only to hear a bit more emphatically, “Dive, Mommy! Go fast!”

The first time I heard this I came unglued – a two-year-old backseat driving? Even my 12-year-old doesn’t backseat drive. She also likes to tell me to “Dive faster!” Which I inform her I can’t because I am going the speed limit, however, apparently her daddy likes to accommodate her requests. She will eventually realize Mommy and Daddy are different.

I think it is fascinating how young children learn to talk. My daughter emulates others, especially her brother, which is not always good. As a 12-year-old he tries to see what he can say without getting in trouble – not much, but that doesn’t necessarily stop him and it most certainly does not stop his sister from repeating him. I guess I can always listen to her to find out just what he is saying, she will inadvertently tell me.

The other day when we went to a store with my parents, I had to go to the restroom. When I came out, she said “Teet, Mommy?”, which I ignored and then a little louder she said, “Poop, Mommy?” Ugh!!! Really!! I did not know I would be asked these incredibly embarrassing questions at stores from my sweet, precious, girl. Oh, well. Lesson learned! I guess in the future I will let her know how my visit to the bathroom went before she asks.

I would love to hear your funny toddler moments. Please share with me.

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