Mompact: Review and Giveaway of the Strap Tamer

I am so excited to be joining an amazing group of women this week on a fantastic, fun-filled journey. Over 120 bloggers and mom run companies have come together to bring our readers wonderful product reviews and giveaways. I hope you take the time to visit the other bloggers and enter their giveaways. You can find the full list of participants at, also at the bottom of this post you will  be directed to the next blog along this bloggy road.


Also, I am excited about a new product I got to try this week – Strap Tamers: Bra Strap Concealers.

I must be old-fashioned but I really don’t like to see bra straps hanging out of shirts, I equate this to boxer shorts hanging out of pants, and neither were meant to be seen. However, I love to wear tank tops and my bra straps hate to stay hidden, so I am constantly tucking them back in where they should go, so much so it is a habit. You can imagine my delight when I was given the opportunity to review a product called the Strap Tamers. I didn’t need to think twice if they tamed straps, I was all for it.

The Strap Tamers were invented by mompreneur, Noël Goldman, who one day witnessed her daughter leaving for school with bra straps showing and decided to do something about it. Noël wondered, “When did it become acceptable to fail to keep your undergarments ‘under’?” Thus the birth of the Strap Tamers.

Since I have received the Strap Tamers I have enjoyed hidden bra straps. The Strap Tamers are so easy to use and they stay in place nicely. I have used other options, but these seem to work the best so far. I also like the fact that I do not have to remove them from my clothes after each use, and if they get tossed in the washing machine there is no harm done; they’ll be right where I left them.

Aside from hiding bra straps they are also great with strapless styles. You clip the Strap Tamers to the inside of your top and then clip it over the top of your bra; it works beautifully. I did not have to keep tugging at my bra to make sure it was in place.

These little gadgets are a wonderful invention and very cost-effective. You can purchase Strap Tamers at your local Target in the lingerie section for as low as $6.99, as well as other finer department stores and boutiques. But …this week I will be giving away a package of Strap Tamers to one lucky reader! There are many ways to enter so don’t forget to take the time to do so below.

After you have entered the giveaway for the Strap Tamers  please go visit the next blog along this journey.  Then to continue the giveaway fun go to and click on some more blogs and giveaways. There are at least 120 different giveaways you can enter. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Now for the fun at Kitchen and Kids. Enter now to win your own set of Strap Tamers.

In accordance with FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements: I have received a sample product for the purposes of the review. Receiving this product will in no way affect my review as they are my own opinions and experiences from using said product. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability. This is a Mompact sponsored event.

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29 Responses to Mompact: Review and Giveaway of the Strap Tamer

  1. Becky says:

    I love the idea of strap tamers! I’m pregnant right now, and I have to wear larger bras. The straps don’t get short enough and always fall down my petite shoulders.

  2. SHIRLEY says:

    I like them because I really hate to see showing straps, these sound great.

  3. Jerry says:

    This sounds like a great idea. Thank you for having a giveaway.

  4. charline says:

    It would benefit me because I could stop being embarrassed over my bra straps showing.

  5. Bridget says:

    I really need these to wear with my tank tops and summer dresses!

  6. Stacy Melendez says:

    I would be able to wear tank tops:)

  7. I am constantly pulling my straps up nowadays. I would LOVE to have something to hold them in place.

  8. Renee Hutchinson says:

    Exactly what I need for those tank tops to keep the bra strap from showing

  9. Erica says:

    I would be able to wear some of my fave shirts with my fave bra. I hate strapless bras so this would be awesome

  10. Tammy Pereira says:

    This is a no-brainer! The very thing I love most about the strap tamer is that you can wash them in the laundry still attached! Love that feature!

  11. Christine says:

    would stop my bra straps showing

  12. I love this! I would love to not have the bra or tank straps to worry about. Since my hands are usually full with a child and all his things and my purse I do not have time or the extra arm to reach up and fix that falling strap! Great review. Thanks for the giveaway. I am now a follower via facebook. twitter and gfc. I am stopping by on the Mompact hop. This is so much fun! Have a great week! <3 Heather

  13. christyn mckenna says:

    I would benefit from my bra straps hanging out!

    christyn mckenna

  14. Amanda Jasinski says:

    I could wear my favorite dresses and shirts without looking trashy

  15. jolly says:

    would help me a lot since i’m ebf! time to hide those straps and put them on place forever!

  16. I don’t always like having to wear a strapless bra when wearing tanks and would love to be able to wear a regular bra without the straps showing.

  17. Jacqueline N says:

    I just want to say, this looks like an amazing product!! Looks like it actually works & is easy to use!! Would help me keep my bra straps hidden while I’m wearing tank tops!

  18. polly says:

    the benefit would be for not always putting my bra straps back into place!

  19. Maria Gabriel says:

    These would be great! My problem with bras is, if its comfortable, the straps fall down and start showing. The only way I can prevent it is putting the straps really tight, which I hate because it feels bad. I’d love to give these a try!

  20. Claire says:

    For some reason I ALWAYS manage to get tanks where the straps sit closer to my neck than my bra straps do.. so annoying to adjust! These would solve that problem.

  21. Jennifer M says:

    It’d give me peace of mind to socialize without worrying if my straps are showing.

  22. Janel C. says:

    I think they’d be really great for keeping my tank top straps in when layering shirts!!

  23. Lisa Brooks says:

    I hate to see straps showing

  24. Wendy Dee says:

    I understand that this generation thinks its acceptable for bra straps to show under shirts or tank tops but NOT ME! These will prevent this as I refuse to wear any shirt where bra straps will show! thank you for the giveaway!

  25. A benefit is that I could stop pulling my bra straps back up all the time!

  26. Pauline M says:

    I have this wonderful sun dress that I’ve always had to wear with a little jacket because I hate see bra straps hanging out. This would allow me to wear with sans jacket! I’d love it!

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