What About Yours …

We have been snowed in for 3 days now. The funny thing is we only have about 2 inches of snow, but my lovely city is closed down. What about yours?

Trying to get a footing on the silly ice.

Now, for my northern friends you may find this hilarious, but for us Southerners who don’t see much snow this is reality. But, I guess I should say I live in a place where when it snows that is actually translated into ICE. I think last year we actually got some beautiful white fluffy snow, but normally it is hard-packed ice.

You might also be envious that on Saturday it was 75 degrees, but don’t be. By Tuesday morning it was 14 degrees with a real feel of -9. This coming Saturday they predict it will be 53 degrees – I guess the ice can begin its glacier melting. Then everything will be flooded. This obnoxious weather is what keeps us all sick around here. Our bodies don’t know what to do.

Besides sickness the other thing that makes this weather a challenge is you don’t know from day-to-day how to dress. Do I wear shorts and flip-flops or do I break out my fuzzy lined pants and Uggs? (Okay, I don’t really own any Uggs because I would only be able to wear them comfortably about twice a year, nor do I have any fuzzy lined pants.)

As I contemplate why my city has closed down I guess I could attribute it to two things. One is … we don’t know how to drive on ice, nor are we really prepared. Maybe 1 out of every 1,000 people have snow chains. (Do those still exist?) And two is our power plants aren’t quite sure what to do with these surges. My parents have been without electricity since yesterday (and if you read my post from last week my dad was in the hospital for pneumonia, so this is not a good thing) and we had our first rolling blackout. Interesting, but thankfully it happened while I was asleep and I did not have any alarms set to go off.

I look back on this past Monday when my husband and son said the cold front was coming in on Tuesday and not Friday and could potentially be bad and wished I’d listened. I figured it would be a typical snow/ice day – here one day, gone the next. So… I did not stock up on extra supplies (except toilet paper – that is one thing I do not want to be without), so when the electricity went out yesterday I thought – what in the world will we eat? All that came to mind was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, that is until the 1/2 a loaf of bread I have runs out. As you can see, if this lasts too much longer I will certainly lose the weight I so desperately want to.

You may be wondering, or actually probably not, what do I do on my snow days? I sit around and scratch my head wondering “Why in the world do boys want to be outside all day in this cold weather having pellet gun wars?” My son and his friend have been out in this horribly cold weather running the neighborhood, scouting out enemy territory and protecting their home front from possible invaders – I still have not figured out the enemy territory, but I strongly suspect it is the little girl down the street.

As for the rest of us … we are smart and have stayed in our wonderfully warm home and enjoyed every moment of it. (Please do not ask my husband about the enjoying part – he hates being stuck indoors. I am trying to make it easier on him, though. I have plenty for him to do.)

I hope the rest of you guys are staying warm, and I do not envy the cold weather that may be normal for you, but I would love to hear about it. Have a great wintery day!

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5 Responses to What About Yours …

  1. CoolMama says:

    I’m from Pittsburgh, so we’re used to the snow. There is snow on the ground right now and it’s pretty cold…but we haven’t gotten the blizzards other people are talking about (or the ice storms we were warned about). Last year we had a big blizzard about this time. I kinda love the blizzards, though. I like when it seems like the world shuts down and everyone just has to take things slower. We break out the board games and jigsaw puzzles when the tv isn’t working and I think ,”this is how it should be all of the time.” I’ve never been one for playing in the snow. My sister and I would be out there 1/2 hour max and then we were good for another year. Girls are different, though, I guess.

    • I wish every now and then we would get real snow opposed to this icy mess. Thank you for stopping by with what its like in Pittsburgh. I live vicariously through others when it comes to snow. I like the pictures, but am glad I don’t have to shovel the sidewalk.

  2. Julie M. says:

    We’re in Charlotte so we don’t typically get all that much snow. We have had a couple big storms this winter already though. They’re fun in the beginning but I’m definitely ready for spring at this point. Stay warm where you are and thanks for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment on my SITS day!

  3. Kimberly says:

    We’re on our 9th snow day this year. Today’s snow wasn’t very deep, but the -3 degree temperatures, plus slick streets were enough to close school.

    I’ll probably have to teach until July ;(

    • We had snow day number 5, but it sounds like your snow day. Icy, but not a lot of snow. I still had my son do school, so we didn’t get to far behind. We have co-op Friday, so that is normally an off day.

      I hope you don’t have to teach until July – that would not be fun! Do you homeschool or teach in a school. I know our schools only have to make up 2 of the missed days.

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