A Snowy Day At Last!!

Yeah! It snowed! Not iced, but actually snowed! White, fluffy, beautiful snow!

(Now for those of you who have snow all of the time and think it is nothing to get excited about, remember, where I live it doesn’t really snow but once every 15 years or so. However, we had a nice snow last year as well.)

Yesterday I was talking about how my city closed down for two inches of ice, well, now it is actually snow and it is several inches. I am excited – the ice is so ugly, but the snow is pretty.

The best part of the snow is the kids can actually build a snowman, and one without ugly brown grass rolled into his belly. A pretty white one.

A little funny! As we do not live in a place where we need a sled, my son has taken his plastic bike ramp to a small hill, turned it upside down and is attempting to ride it down the hill. It is not working too well.  He has never seen a sled, so he does not know they have rounded bottoms, not square, flat bottoms.

As much as I love the snow I am in desperate need to get to the grocery store, I am running out of everything. And it is imperative I get there today. I do not want to have to fight all of the crazy people getting ready for their Super Bowl parties. As it is, it looks as if I am going to have to drive in this to the store, I refuse to go tomorrow. Thank goodness the grocery store is only a mile away.

Addendum: Since I was so busy playing in the snow, and trying to figure the grocery thing out, I did not actually get my blog posted, so I thought I would add in what Sunday looked like in my neck of the woods. First I should preface this with … The temperature was in the 2o’s all week, and by Saturday our high was 53 – so … so long pretty snow, I didn’t even get to make snow ice cream – shame on me.

Isn’t that just plain ugly? It either needs to stay white, or turn green FAST! Oh, and I just received a text saying we are under a Winter Storm Warning – possibility of more sleet and snow. I sure wish the weather would make up its mind.

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2 Responses to A Snowy Day At Last!!

  1. LBDDiaries says:

    You must live near where I do (AR) ’cause if I don’t take a picture, no one will know it snowed, usually by the next day. Sometimes it sticks around a day or two but like you, it was 19 degrees one day and 55 the next – I call it schizoid weather!!

    • Yes ma’am. Texas – where the weather is crazy. In fact, today we have another icy, snow day – so no school for the schools. Thankfully my son is homeschooled, so he isn’t missing anything.

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