This Week In Our Kitchen: Week of October 30th

This last week I had a houseful of sick kiddos, and unfortunately the sickness still prevails, so I am not sure how much will actually be eaten this week. I think I only made one thing from my menu last week because my precious toddler wanted her Mama to sit and hold her, so instead of cooking we had movie days.

It was a bit rainy and cool this week, so the one thing I did make was a homemade beef stew with beer bread. It really hit the spot and has been wonderful through this week of sickness.

Here is what we will be eating at our house this week.

Sunday: Monte Cristo Sandwiches, Creamy Tomato Soup and Pasta Salad

Monday: Kitchen and Kid’s Ghoulash

Tuesday: Cheesy Lasagna, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and Garlic Bread

Wednesday: Chicken Parisian, Ceaser Salad and Crusty French Bread

Thursday: Slow Cooked French Dip Rolls and oven fries

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Fish and Chips

As recipes are posted on Kitchen and Kids, I will link them up to my menu plans, so if something interests you check back and see if I’ve posted a recipe.

Feel free to leave your ideas, too. Happy Cooking!

You can find other wonderful ideas at the links below.

StoneGable Desiring Virtue

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4 Responses to This Week In Our Kitchen: Week of October 30th

  1. Rosann says:

    Oh, I really hope you’ll be posting the recipe for the Monte Cristo sandwhich. I love those things. They hold powerful childhood memories of dining in the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland with my dad. We both took a “sick day” from life (school and work) and went to Disneyland for the day. That meal was the first time I had experienced a Monte Cristo sandwhich. I can still taste it when I think of it. Please please please post your recipe. I have no clue how to make one of my own.

    Rosann :-)

  2. Erin says:

    New follower from MPM. Have a great week!

  3. Christine says:

    Your menu looks great, sick kids or not! I need to try the recipe for beer bread. I am tired of paying that high price for the Tastefully Simple brand!

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