Infant Loss and Remembrance Day – October 15th

Tomorrow is the day of remembrance for those of us who have lost an infant to miscarriage, still birth, or SIDs. And let me tell you, there are way more people out there than you would have expected that have experienced such a loss. 1 in 4 women experience a miscarriage daily, and then the innumerable amounts of still births and SIDs deaths make up the rest. No matter what, a loss is a loss, and loss hurts. Just because some of these babies never made it out of the womb doesn’t mean the loss wasn’t painful or they shouldn’t be remembered.

In the spring we lost such a baby at just over 10 weeks gestation, and let me say it was a painful loss both emotionally and physically. Do I know if it was a boy or girl? No, but I did pray for peace, understanding and clarity. With that I decided that my baby was a girl and we would name her Allison Grace. I just felt the need to give my little unknown angel an identity. Regardless if they have a name or not they are still a loss and need to be remembered.

This past week a friend of mine, Melissa at Beautifully Chaotic, has been working fervently on a tribute to those precious lost babies, and I had the honor to lend a hand in the balloon release she had earlier this week. We released over 200 balloons in remembrance of those little ones. Two of those names were mine.

                 (pictures provided by Sky-Marie Photography)

Melissa also put together a beautiful video documentary of her own loss and the balloon release. I hope you will take a few minutes to go over to Destiny in Bloom and read her article and watch the video. Even if you haven’t had a loss, I bet you know someone who has. If you want to read more about the babies that were included in this video you can read the comments that were left for Melissa here.

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3 Responses to Infant Loss and Remembrance Day – October 15th

  1. mamaT says:

    that was amazing. thanks for sharing awareness!

  2. Hi, I’m Stacey from The Music making Mommy. I wanted to say thank you for linking up this past friday, and let you know I’m a new follower. I hope you will be back this Friday to link up facebook pages.
    I’m so sorry about your loss of a baby. I read about this Remembrance day on another blog too, and I think it’s a great idea and way to honor and remember those precious little ones that so many moms have lost.

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