Have You Lost A Little One? Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

On October 15th it will be Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, and I know that many families out there have little ones they have lost to miscarriages, still births and SIDS and that is a DIFFICULT thing.

Last spring we were excited to find out we would be adding a fall baby into our family, and we waited with bated breath to announce this blessing to our friends and family only to get a few shorts weeks away from our 2nd trimester to lose that precious baby. To say it was hard is an understatement. It was one of the most difficult things I have gone through to date. Besides the physical pain, the emotional pain was unbearable. To think I wouldn’t get to hold my precious baby, watch it grow, teach it about life was hard to swallow, but through wonderful friends who had experienced the same kind of loss I was able to work through the pain, not to say that some days aren’t a little more teary than others, but I do know I will see my baby one day, and that gives me comfort. However, in the meantime I want to remember Allison Grace for what she was – my child.

A friend of mine, Melissa at Beautifully Chaotic, has been inspired by her own losses to do something magnificent to honor her two precious little ones and all of those little ones out there that have been lost. She is going to be putting together a short video documentary to honor those lost babies. She will also be doing a balloon release on the video with the babies names on balloons.

I would love for you to go over to Beautifully Chaotic and see what Melissa has planned. You can also include your baby as well if you wish. Melissa will be collecting names until October 8th at midnight. You can either go to her site to leave your baby’s name and the date you associate with their passing, or you can simply do it here. If you aren’t comfortable leaving a comment, you can use Melissa’s contact form or my contact form to have your baby’s name included.

Remember – You are not alone!

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4 Responses to Have You Lost A Little One? Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

  1. mamaT says:

    that’s absolutely sweet! i lost my first baby almost 8 years ago (Theron Tyler 11-19-03). it was (and still is) the hardest, saddest, most painful experience i’ve ever endured -on so many levels.
    i’m going to post something about this on my blog. thanks for the heads up!

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