Memory Clips –

Memories are like movies clicking through our heads, and every year I strive to make good movies for my kids to look back on. I remember things from my childhood fondly, and I want them to have those same things.

I remember Santa droppin’ in for a visit at my aunt’s house in Aline, Oklahoma (population 200). Another time I got Battleship on Christmas Eve and we played it, while tracking Santa on the TV. Once I got an ear infection – ick! One year  I just knew my older brother was going to build me a remote control airplane – instead he wrapped a crashed airplane for me. Talk about disappointment! However, seconds later he came in with a really cool remote control car he had built. (These are the ones from the hobby store, not Target.) Once year a thick layer of ice and snow covered the little town of Aline, Oklahoma, and we got out my Aunt Norma’s golf cart and drug each other through town on cardboard boxes.

All of those memories are priceless, and no matter how old I get I won’t forget them and I want moments like that for my kids. I want traditions. Below are a few things my family and I like to do throughout the next 22 days. No matter how things turn out we get some crazy memories.

  1. Build a gingerbread house.
  2. Go look at Christmas lights and get hot chocolate for the road. (Close to where I live there is a neighborhood that does the 12 Days of Christmas, Texas Style)
  3. Watch the movie Elf.
  4. Make cut-out sugar cookies.
  5. Go to the Christmas production at our church – this year it is an adaption of the Christmas Carol.
  6. Take the kids to see Santa, even though my oldest just watches his sister.
  7. Go to a little town near us that is considered the Christmas Capitol of Texas – they have beautiful lights, quaint stores, and carriage rides.
  8. Go ice skating.
  9. Do little crafts – make a birdseed wreath, make Christmas decorations, make our own presents for our family, etc…
  10. Spend Christmas Eve with our family, eating great food and playing games.

I would love to hear some of the things you and your family do through the season.

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  1. Miz Helen says:

    These cookies would be a big hit at our Cottage. Thank you for sharing and you have a great week.

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