O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree

“It’s Falling!!!”

Is what my brother-in-law cried out on Friday night as we were putting up our Christmas tree. He was trying to get the lights going, my husband was frying up some burritos, and I was trying to keep a cute little toddler out from under the tree, which was a good thing, since the tree was going to come crashing down.

But, I threw the baby to the side (figuratively, not literally), climbed under the tree and found that the beautifully welded tree holder had lost its leg. I can honestly say a tree will not stay standing with two legs, it MUST have three. My husband pulled out the burritos, ran to the garage (making sure not to trip on said toddler), grabbed our tree holder for our 6 ft tree, prayed it would sustain a 9 ft tree, and proceeded to change out the holders. Yeah! It worked and I can say that five days later it is still standing.

I honestly believe that mayhem and confusion are part of the Christmas tradition. I mean, isn’t it Murphy’s Law – it is impossible to get the tree up without some delays.

That was definitely true this year. Besides having a leg fall off, it took 3 hours to get the lights working on this silly tree. Hopefully, next year it won’t take 1/2 as long. A new tree + a husband that doesn’t like to read directions = an extra long time for the lights. A new tree + a brother-in-law that reads directions = a quick fix.

Once our beautiful 9 ft tree was installed in a corner of our living room my son and his friend started the decorations. My husband loves themed trees, so the one in the living room has pretty blue and silver balls, snowflakes and beady like garland. (pictures to come, once I retrieve my camera from where I left it.) The one I will put in the middle of the hall way (where we have to crawl under it to get anywhere in the house) will have all the ornaments with the kids pictures on it and the ones we will make this next week.

If you have a young sweetheart that loves the decorations as much as mine does, I would highly recommend getting the shatterproof ornaments from Target. When the Little Miss gets a hold of these little gems they simply bounce across my hardwood floors. I personally think that is why she gets them off the tree – to have me chase her and then watch the pretty balls bounce.

Watch out for a blog to come on our home-made decorations. I will show you the difference from what a 19 month old will make and an 11-year-old. As much as my son likes doing those things, you might not see much difference.

(I tried to put up a picture of beautiful tree in all its glory, but I could not figure out how to make it stand up, not lay down. And, I do know how to use the photo editor, just not how to save my edits. Oh, well!)

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