This Week In Our Kitchen: Week of April 29th

So I might still be struggling a bit to get into writing again, but that is because I want to write more than just recipes and posting pictures. I want to add some depth to Kitchen and Kids. God blessed me with the ability to write and I want to honor this gift. But, I don’t want to deviate too far from the topics of the kitchen either, so it will be an experiment to say the least. This past week I did plan a menu, but I never did get it posted which is fine since I still have half of it to cook this week.

I just recovered from an amazing women’s conference at my church, which if you are ever on the look out for a good conference this is one of them. I would say if you are in the Dallas/Forth Worth area you might want to check it out next year, but since people came all the way from India, Australia, Canada, etc… to participate I don’t want to eliminate anyone because of region. You can find information for next years conference here.

Last week I cooked for the first 1/2 of the week, but the second half was leftovers and eating out. We really enjoyed the grilled chicken with Parma Rosa sauce and angel hair pasta. I LOVE the Parma Rosa sauce, it is highly addicting and I am not above simply dipping toast in it. However, if I do not get this addiction under wraps I will not lose the baby weight, and I must lose the baby weight. I hope you give the Parma Rosa sauce a try, it is worth it.

Here is what we will be eating at our house this week.

Sunday: Easy Peasy Mexican Casserole

Monday: Grilled Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto sandwiches with creamy tomato soup (I’ll try to remember to blog about this. The key to that is getting some good pictures of the food as it is being prepared. As of late just getting it on the table has been a challenge with an 8 week old and 3 year old.)

Tuesday: Shredded Beef Tacos, refried beans and guacamole.

Wednesday: Santa Fe Chicken and Rice (I have tentatively put this on the menu for nostalgia sake. When I first got married I made this often. We will see if I really am going to make it after I review the recipe.)

Thursday: Crockpot Italian Chicken, Bowtie pasta, garlic bread and salad

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes, and fried okra

As recipes are posted on Kitchen and Kids, I will link them up to my menu plans, so if something interests you check back and see if I’ve posted a recipe.

You can find other wonderful ideas at the links below.

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Bon Apetit and please check back for recipes and other dinner ideas.

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  1. Rona says:

    I see we have the Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Fried Steak recipe in common. Yummy!
    Looks like a delicious week!
    Happy MPM and have a wonderful week.

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