So What Would You Do?

So … what would you do if a teen-ager walked up to the front of your house and graciously helped themselves to some of your stuff?

Well, what did I do?

First, I drove around my neighborhood in mad mama mode. I figured if I’d seen the perpetrator I would have asked if he’d seen my (not so) lost dog, and got his help. Then I would have dialed the wonderful police for some assistance. However, I did not find that teenager. So…

I called the non-emergency number for my police to report the items that had been hand-picked from my porch. I figure the items are gone, but at least there is a record in case that kleptomaniac decided to show his face on my street again. My son got a great look at him. I think if we got him in a line-up, he’d be had.

Oh well, lesson learned for my precious 6th grader – put your stuff up!!!! Missing – one really cool BMX bike, 2 pellet guns and a sweet helicopter. Should I be mad at my kid or that kid or both? I think both…

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2 Responses to So What Would You Do?

  1. CoolMama says:

    I’d go with both! Lesson learned the hard way.
    Did the teenager have a car…because otherwise I’m wondering how on earth he walked off with all of that stuff?
    It was good to report it to the police…you just never know. One year during Christmas my mom’s lighted deer were stolen from in front of her house. We didn’t see who did it, but she never bothered to report it. A few weeks later some guys were caught with a ton of outdoor Christmas decorations, but since she didn’t report it she couldn’t claim her deer.

    • It was actually quite easy for him to ride off with all of the loot. The guns and helicopter were in a backpack in an alcove by the front door. Out of sight, so the kid had to rummage a bit. I figured that if he was a regular bike thief, then reporting it would be beneficial.

      I know it bugs me, because we live in a really safe neighborhood. My poor son was thrown off guard, because he said the kid looked normal – I was able to impart the wisdom “You can’t judge a book by its cover”

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