What Was That, God?

* Note – If you have followed my other blog Living Beyond, this post will look familiar. I stole it from there. I thought it was relevant for the New Year. I hope you can relate.*

Okay, answer honestly. How many of you have thought about doing something but decided against it because it was too much trouble, too difficult, or simply not in your comfort zone?

I know for me that I have done this a lot in my life. I have always been confident when I am in my zone – my comfort zone that is. I love comfort – my house, my friends, my family, my stores, my restaurants, my streets – I do not deviate from what I know, and because of this I am quite familiar with my house, my friends, my family, my stores, my restaurants, my streets and I am not so familiar with the unknown. I do not like to venture into new territory by myself, and sometimes I don’t even want to do it with someone else. But, that is all about to change.

I remember fondly a time when God challenged me. It was when my son was about three years old and God said, “Teach.” “Ha!” was my response. “Teach? Uh-uh. No way!” In my eyes I was not reasonably qualified, nor did I have the desire to teach. After all my background was in business and writing. However, God had other ideas for me.

In January 2004 I reluctantly applied for a teaching position in a small private school, all the while asking God if He knew what He was doing. Amazingly, I got the position of a 4th grade teacher. All I can say six years later, is that God knew exactly what He was doing. Was I terrified of those 9 and 10 year-olds? Yes! I was worried that I just might ruin them for life, or they might ruin me, but that didn’t happen. I found that I loved teaching and it was by far the best job I had to date. I blossomed in so many ways while I was a teacher at that small school.

That experience was a fine example of following God’s challenges, but that doesn’t mean I still run headlong into them. I struggle when He presents a new challenge for me to embrace, I question Him, I stonewall Him, and eventually I give into Him. After all, He does know what is best for me.

I realized that my fear of the unknown is just me letting Satan have his way with me, and God has called me to greater things. Every time I have reluctantly stepped out of my own personal space God has been my comforter and has never led me into harms way. However, I have been evaluating my comfort zone and have realized that Satan has had his thumb on me and I have not blossomed as God has intended. So, to Satan I say “Unhand me, you vile creature! I am a follower of a mighty God who wants great things for me. So Back Off!” With that said I can’t wait to see all of the magnificent things coming my way.

So, I am off to write more blogs and follow God’s latest challenge to me. Thank you for coming along on this adventure.

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