What’s Up 2011

So … I really thought I would not do a New Year’s Resolution list, but then I thought better of it. After all how in the world am I supposed to remember what my resolutions are if I don’t list them, and what better place than here? I mean, I can’t lose the list, it will be forever linked to my blog.

Now, I will say that it will not be a complete list, because I will continue to add things to the list. But, I am hoping after blogging about it, I will be diligent in seeing my resolutions through, after all everyone will know what they are.

So here goes – my 2011 Resolutions

1.) Post at least 3 blogs a week, at least 1 new recipe.

2.) Lose 60 lbs – I was thinking 2 lbs a week would be good. If I did that I could get back to my pre-baby, pre-marriage, and pre-30s weight. Do I need to lose 60 lbs? Probably not, but I want to leave room for some fluctuation.

3.) Wake up an extra 5 minutes early every day until I reach my desired time. (See, I want to do this so I have more time with God, exercising, and quiet blog time.)

4.) Be a bit more patient with my sweet young son, on his way to teen-agerdom (which requires much patience.)

5.) Teach my daughter a new sign a week, so she can talk and sign. She is not deaf, but I like the idea of her being able to communicate pleasantly while still learning to talk.

6.) Participate in project Declutter 365 from www.WhoIsLaura.com – I will focus on one area of my house each week and de-clutter it. I will then immediately sell or donate the de-cluttered items.

7.) Spend a more time with God.

8.) Scrapbook my daughter’s 1st year of life, and finish the first 11 years of my son’s. (Quite honestly, if I could just open the scrapbook and do a page or two I would be happy.)

9.) Get in more cardio. I mean, get in cardio, since currently the only cardio I get is walking from the car to the store and back, and chasing an energetic toddler.

I could keep on adding things, but at some point I have to say enough. I would really like to see the list completed, and not just for January but for all of 2011.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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One Response to What’s Up 2011

  1. Marissa Star says:

    I like it! I resolve to have a more committed relationship to my treadmill Betsy … I needed to name her so maybe it would keep me faithful 😉 I love all yours about spending time with God … for me total life line … I don’t think I would remain sane without Him. A definite fun read … and I need to come back for recipes! Always need recipes! :)

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