Why Kitchen and Kids?

I really hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

When I started Kitchen and Kids, I thought long and hard about the name of my blog, and I really planned on letting you guys in on the secret to it long before now, but the holidays took precedence. So, as I was introducing this blog to my clients I was giving them a recount to why I liked the name so much, and I wanted to share it with you.

My blog offers an insight into my kitchen! The good, the bad, and the ugly! It is called Kitchen and Kids: And Everything In Between, because almost everything of importance happens in my kitchen.

In my kitchen – I –

1.) cook for my clients

2.) cook for my family

3.) teach my son to cook

4.) work with my son on his school work (as, the kitchen table is his classroom)

5.) play with my daughter

6.) write my blog

7.) assist my husband with his business

8.) do crafts with my kids

9.) have heart to heart talks with my husband

10.) sit around the table and have family game night

11.) have much sought after family dinners

12.) dance (even though I am not very good, but if I can’t dance in the privacy of my own kitchen, where can I?)

13.) have my morning coffee and blog time

14.) chat with friends

15.) solve world problems (maybe not.)

And, so much more that has yet to come to my mind. My kitchen is my haven – it might not be big, it might not be fancy, but it sure is functional. I hope you guys enjoy what comes out of my kitchen.

As you visit Kitchen and Kids you will find funny stories, cute photos, easy crafts, as well as recipes for some of the things my family and friends enjoy.

I hope to see you here often!

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