It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like …

Whoa! Is that my husband hanging from the roof?

Yep, it sure is. It is that time  of year again and I am getting my Christmas lights up! I love my Christmas lights. They aren’t anything fancy. No blow up snow globes in the front yard, no moving reindeer head, just plain white lights and little Christmas trees.

The funny thing is, no matter how minimal our lights are, it is still an all day event to get them up. We lay them out in the front yard trying desperately not to crush the tiny bulbs as we are checking their workability, which inevitably, my oh so sweet boy stands on one, two or a hundred as he is straightening them out. Which means – they now do not work! So after checking all 8 sections, I am sent to the store to get another 8 packages! I wonder why we don’t just start with new lights and forget the stringing them out? Probably because it wouldn’t be tradition then.

This year we get a new little helper. I wonder how many bulbs a toddler can break, eat, hide in a given day? I will let you know the final count later. I should probably wait until after Christmas and add in the Christmas tree lights, too. Last year, the Little Miss wasn’t moving, this year she is in constant motion. It should be fun!

After we have gotten the outside decorated, we will move inside! We will light a fire (I hope this Texas weather will allow for a fire.), put on Elf -the CD, pull out the decorations, put them on the tree, chase the baby to retrieve the decorations, put them back on the tree, admire our handiwork, have some home-made hot chocolate (recipe to follow.), and finish the evening watching Elf. It should be an eventful day.

bgvVbvBvB  jnhu 7 – This is what happens when I walk away from my blog for a few minutes. My future writer adds her two cents in. In a few years we may be able to understand her musings.

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